Keep Swinging!

Keep Swinging

“Take me out to the ballgame” is one of the best known sports songs. Many know that particular song applies to Baseball. I was watching ESPN the other day and they were covering Spring Training (practice or exhibition games for baseball teams) and the crowd was chanting that song. After the game, ESPN interviewed one of the players and he was asked about his approach to hitting. He said, “I know the majority of the time, I will probably strikeout or not get on base, but I keep swinging, because I know that I cannot miss every time. Sometimes I will get a hit”.

His approach to trying to hit a baseball made me think about life. Sometimes we are going to “strikeout” or not get on base, but we have to “keep swinging” or trying. Every time a baseball player is at bat, it is another opportunity for that player to get on base or hit a homerun. Every day is a fresh start and new opportunity to try again.

It can be very discouraging to keep trying something that never seems to work. For example, you are looking for a promotion on your job, the business that you started doesn’t seem to come together, or when you start to save money, an emergency comes up. You wonder, God what am I doing wrong? You start to question not only God, but yourself.

We have been there. Sometimes we question why things do not seem to be easy. Why is God allowing this to happen? No matter how much faith we have, sometimes doubt arises. In those times we have to trust God and take advantage of each day, reminding ourselves that today could be the day we have been waiting, hoping, and praying for. What if our dreams come true today? What if the breakthrough we have been waiting for happens today?

We have to “keep swinging” because the next swing could be the winning swing. The next phone call could be life changing. The next person you meet, could be the person that provides the help you need. Business and life can bring many challenges and changes, but the only constant is God and his grace. Someone once said, “He will never put more on you than you can bear”. With all my heart I believe that, because he has been so faithful to us.

Most baseball players only average three hits every ten times they have a chance. This means they only get on base or hit a home run 30% of the time. You do not always have to get a “hit” to be successful. Today is a new day and new chance/opportunity for God to bless you, so “keep swinging” (trying). You are just a swing away!